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  • 5 star ratingAsparagus pizza is the most under-rated food place in Hollywood. They are low key, cheap and delicious.
    Their Carne asada is...
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    Olive S. Avatar
    Olive S.

    5 star ratingI love the food here!  The pizza is amazing and delicious!!  The vegetarian nachos are EXCELLENT!!  LOVE EVERYTHING!!  The staff... read more

    James M. Avatar
    James M.

    5 star ratingAmazing pizza! Don't let the outside put you off The pizza here was awesome! Take a walk back from the Main Street if you want a good pizza authentically... read more

    stravel250 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingMoved to Hollywood a year ago, been going to this place since then. Every thing I've ate here is super... read more

    Ed P. Avatar
    Ed P.

    5 star ratingOrdered via GrubHub at 5:18 PM and got mushrooms on 16" large cheese pizza. The price came $23.48, with a... read more

    Jillian C. Avatar
    Jillian C.

    5 star ratingAwesome place! Flavorful pizza, delicious crust. My new go to pizza place! Definitely recommend!

    Gabriella R. Avatar
    Gabriella R.
  • 5 star ratingI order from Grubhub
    I love this place when I come here for work every month I usually order one...
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    Tick...tick...tock...Clock C. Avatar
    Tick...tick...tock...Clock C.

    5 star ratingVery good pizza Terrific pizza with generous toppings. Ordered a large meat lovers and was plenty for me and two teenage boys. Ordered... read more

    Mamagoose75 Avatar

    5 star ratingWas skeptical about the reviews but the pepperoni pizza is super good and a small is big I would order... read more

    Kait M. Avatar
    Kait M.
  • 5 star ratingOrdered delivery to my hotel room. Given a 1 hour delivery window and pizza arrived in 30 mins. Very good... read more

    Annie L. Avatar
    Annie L.

    5 star ratingWow! Give this place a try for great pizza! staying at a local hotel, we asked the lady at the front desk if there were any good local pizza... read more

    Ellejoycreek Avatar

    5 star ratingBlows my mind how this place has probably the best pizza in Hollywood.... It's menu offers burgers, Mexican, and pizza.... read more

    Alex M. Avatar
    Alex M.
  • 5 star ratingThis is my local spot to where I live. The people that run and operate this place are very nice,... read more

    Antoinette B. Avatar
    Antoinette B.

    5 star ratingi order pizza here more often than I care to admit. Super legit. Have never had the Mexican food, however.... read more

    Jillian J. Avatar
    Jillian J.

    5 star ratingAt first glance I thought this would be a vegan place and to my amazement it was that exact opposite.... read more

    Jose D. Avatar
    Jose D.
  • 5 star ratingi freaking love this place. i always order their super burrito. it never dissappoints! plus they deliver. cant beat it.

    Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    5 star ratingSO GOOD! No idea why it got some low ratings. I'm from NYC and was so relieved to finally find... read more

    Anna S. Avatar
    Anna S.

    5 star ratingChicken Breast Alla Cacciatore just changed my life!!  So good.  Light, delicious, fresh.  Will order again for sure.

    Luke R. Avatar
    Luke R.
  • 5 star ratingReally impressed and surprised at how delicious their pizza is! We got it randomly one night and everyone commented on... read more

    Victoria F. Avatar
    Victoria F.

    5 star ratingGreat food, great service! The delivery driver got a little lost, but my place was genuinely difficult to find. He... read more

    Samantha R. Avatar
    Samantha R.

    5 star ratingI was so disappointed with this place because they made their food so good I couldn't fit all of their... read more

    Mm B. Avatar
    Mm B.
  • 5 star ratingI eat at Asparagus Pizza all the time. I'm probably their best customer. The two guys who run the place... read more

    David G. Avatar
    David G.

    5 star ratingOrdered:
    Chicken wings
    Meatball Sandwich
    Might've been because we were drunk and high, but everything tasted like the best food we've ever stuffed...
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    Nikol H. Avatar
    Nikol H.

    5 star ratingI come here when I go to Parlour Room around the corner. The pizza is always fantastic and consistent. I... read more

    Jax F. Avatar
    Jax F.
  • 5 star ratingI was saved by a "White Knight"
    Hands down this is the best pizza!!
    One of my clients raves about this place,...
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    Share A. Avatar
    Share A.

    5 star ratingReally amazing pizza. A friend showed me this place years ago. All their pizzas are good. I've had the occasional... read more

    Emma A. Avatar
    Emma A.

    5 star ratingI ordered from this place 3 nights in a row, and got pizza, mexican and a burger in the 3... read more

    Ben T. Avatar
    Ben T.
  • 5 star ratingMy favorite pizza in Hollywood, but the Mexican food is pretty solid if you're in the mood. I only get... read more

    Jeremy R. Avatar
    Jeremy R.

    5 star ratingThis review is for the calzone. I've ordered it for a few years now and it's very good and very... read more

    Savannah S. Avatar
    Savannah S.

    5 star ratingHad a great experience with this restaurant.  Ordered a supreme pizza, it was delivered on time, actually earlier than expected,... read more

    Lynda D. Avatar
    Lynda D.